Buckland & Milber Community Association and Centre

The Buckland and Milber Community Association (“BMCA”) was established and registered as a charity (no. 268849) in 1975.


The aims of the BMCA are:

(a)        To improve the conditions of life of the inhabitants of Buckland, Milber and the neighbourhood through education and the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation, and

(b)        To maintain and manage the Buckland and Milber Community Centre for activities promoted by the BMCA to further the above aims.


Local residents may become members of the BMCA. At AGMs they elect an “Executive Committee”, including a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The Executive Committee oversees the progress and working of the BMCA, supported by its members and other volunteers.


The current BMCA officers are Mr Mike Ryan (Chair), Mrs Sue Foster (Vice Chair), Mrs Mandy Northcott (Secretary) and the Business & Community Development Manager of NACIC (Treasurer).


As a charity, the BMCA has to submit its accounts and annual returns to the Charity Commission.


The BMCA leases the Community Centre from Teignbridge District Council, paying an annual rent. The running expenses of the Centre – such as the rent and heating, lighting, repairs and improvements - are funded from the income generated by hiring out the Centre and from BMCA activities, grants and donations.


In 2013 the BMCA entered into a Partnership Agreement with Newton Abbot Community Interest Company (“NACIC”). This was with a view to increasing and broadening the use of the Centre and gaining assistance from NACIC in the management, administration and marketing of the Centre. Under the Partnership Agreement the BMCA devolves overall responsibility for the management of the Centre to a “Centre Management Committee”, which comprises four members from each of the BMCA and NACIC. The Management Committee decides policies and procedures for the running of the Centre. The Partnership Agreement allocates responsibilities relating to the Centre - including caretaking, repairs, booking, marketing, fund raising, administration and book keeping - between NACIC and the BMCA (and its volunteers).


Rooms at the Centre are available to hire for a variety of groups and activities, both for local residents and for the wider community.